The Suguri Weapons Guide

You can pick 2 weapons for a phase on the Config screen in the primary menu. In Arcade mode you can swap weapons by squeezing the Target catches (close and far) on the outcome screen. For instance, in the event that you discover short proximity weapons not exactly ideal against Nanako, simply swap in weapons like the Launcher, Beam Rifle or Beam Bazooka.


You begin with 3 weapons and open more as you play the amusement: the Spread Gun for instance is the prize for 5 plays. That implies that you either beat 5 phases in Arcade or Stage Select mode, or that you Game Over 5 times. Crossing out a phase by heading off to the Main Menu or retrying a phase doesn’t consider a play.

Regardless of the fact that you do inadequately, just by being crushed over and again you acquire weapons.

Weapon 2

See here for a superior outline on unlock able weapons of SUGURI.

Assault Types Edit

Every weapon has a typical assault and a hyper assault, which (more often than not) needs 1 gauge of hyper meter to actuate. The hyper gauge charges when shots experience your dash rings and when you bargain harm to adversaries.

Dashing directly subsequent to utilizing a weapon permits dash scratching off. Use it to escape mischief’s direction and assault all the more as often as possible. A few Weapons have dash assaults also. Utilizing hyper assault gifts invulnerability: utilizing hyper protectively is the most ideal approach to beat the amusement.


Characteristics Edit

Every weapon has characteristics for its different Attack Types:

  • Live ammo: Ballistic weapons with destructible shots.
  • Beam: Weapons which discharge vitality shots. The shots pierce live ammo like rockets and vanish after hitting a foe.
  • Penetration: Penetrating weapons can hit numerous foes all the while.
  • Melee: Close-run weapons, award brief insusceptibility (see Sword and Pile Bunker areas)


Suguri is extremely powerless while summoning the cases – it’s ideal to just summon cases when there is no foe around. Else it may be the better thought to utilize a Hyper and get out 5 cases on the double. Utilize the Hyper when the cases are going to leave the screen to draw out their length. Be mindful so as not to utilize the Hyper when there are just 1 or 2 units out, as it’s sort of a misuse of hyper gage.

On the off chance that you hold the “shoot” catch, the Accelerator will build your Hyper gradually and drastically diminish Heat: while it normally takes around 5 seconds to go from 300% to 0%, utilizing the Accelerator abbreviates the opportunity to 1 second. Utilize this regularly and don’t stress over Heat until the end of time.

Utilizing its Hyper gives you a long power period after which you enter the Projectile Time, then the  time backs off considerably, as in the Stage 5 rocket assault or against SP Hime. Normally, when time is streaming so gradually, you can do a wide range of cool stuff. For reasons unknown, the lull isn’t appeared in the replay viewer.

Amid the term of the log jam the Hyper gage purges rapidly, however you can drag out it with your Dash rings and delivered damage. Note that you can’t stop the Accelerator Hyper: the stoppage and Hyper channel proceeds until you either come up short on gage or get hit.

When you press the hyper catch, you get to be strong and a large portion of a second later the stoppage begins. Notwithstanding, you can wipe out the hyper itself… by utilizing another Hyper. Truth is stranger than fiction: the length of you have no less than 1 gage to start the Hyper, you can spam it without spending any gage – which gives you

Unending Invincibility

You are able to use Invincibility as long as you want but you need to stop however. Essentially crush the hyper catch! When you need to escape the strength circle, either quit squeezing the catch to enter the lull, or utilize your other hyper to abstain from entering the Bullet Time.

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