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SUGURI Collection

Prepared, ignition, battle! Over-the-top ethereal shoot up meets in your face, one-on-one battling: this is SUGURI Collection! SUGURI Collection incorporates the first side and additionally speeding up of SUGURI X-Edition HD. Initially a PlayStation 3 selective, Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD is Rocking’ Android’s upgraded overhaul. With SUGURI gathering you get both amusements and their soundtracks.

In the first SUGURI, experience the surge of fight with this fan-acclaimed and remarkable side-looking by outside the box Japanese diversion designer Orange Juice. Showcasing open capable weaponry, battling diversion like manager fights, and a cool techno/stupor soundtrack, SUGURI is an unquestionable requirement has and should play amusement. Lock-on, dash, and fire away!

The fast fire battle activity that fans have come to love in the principal diversion is all here however with an emphasis on one on one shooting activity. Whether you play as SUGURI, Hime, Nanako, or any of the other different contenders, you’re managing weapons of mass devastation! Deliver monstrous harm and dash to security. Triumph can be yours!


SUGURI is a young lady attempting to shield her planet Earth from the sudden intrusion of robotic armed forces.


SUGURI Features:

  • Side-looking with battling diversion like supervisor fights
  • Blend and match various open capable weapons
  • Beguiling story with charming characters
  • Steam Cards


Quickening of SUGURI X-Edition HD Features:damage

  • Half breed shooting/battling amusement
  • Three story modes with numerous open capable characters
  • Pound your companions with neighborhood and over-IP online backing
  • Discretionary, wonderfully redrawn HD illustrations
  • Steam Cards

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SUGURI Reviews

T-ONO: “SUGURI takes an alternate approach. It gives a way to the player to fly past shot examples, making it more open to easygoing and fresher players. SUGURI’s characterizing highlight is its dash capacity; with it, players can experience shaft shots without taking harm and energize their super meter for touchy assaults. On the off chance that you attempt to dash through strong shots like rockets and bombs, notwithstanding, you would be left dead speechless and take harm. This, notwithstanding a warmth gage that will overheat when the player dashes excessively, keeps players from manhandling the element and experience the diversion dashing constant.”

Damage 23

Speeding up of SUGURI X-Edition HD Reviews:

GAMESUGAR: “What the heck is SUGURI X? At its inside, the preoccupation can be considered as a top-down variation of Sega’s Virtual On, just with the rate tweaked up to the greatest and enchanting anime young women in the spot of robots. The entertainment’s potential social event of individuals is emphatically obliged and the energized action may be unreasonably much for most gamers to swallow, yet for those of us who live stunning these sorts of corner titles, SUGURI X is a level out blessing from paradise.”

GAMEZONE: “SUGURI X Edition challenges players at the same time. Execute both battling diversion and shooting systems and the finished result is as fascinating as it is addictive. The persistent Arcade mode, neighborhood and online versus, techno soundtrack, in-diversion YouTube recording, and the noticeable distinction in trouble modes all give SUGURI X Edition the support it needs, particularly at its shockingly ease.”

GAMESPOT: “The exceptional fights and tight amusement play in Acceleration of SUGURI X Edition offer high replay esteem. On the off chance that you invest a little energy becoming more acquainted with this shooter-brawler half and half, you’ll need to uncover more profound to check every character’s moves, test her interesting battle capacities against different foes, and get a buddy to pulverize again and again.”

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