The Battle Rages On!

Acceleration of Suguri X Edition, the ultimate in anime-style, robot fighting-action is here! Leap into beautifully rendered battle environments, wield innovative, pulse pounding weaponry and survive 11 levels of captivating doujin gameplay. Make sure to crank up the volume so you can enjoy the high-energy techno-trance soundtrack. Take on the CPU or battle it out with a friend. With three different Arcade modes and three different Versus modes to go along with local and online leaderboards, gameplay replay videos and 14 PSN trophies up for grabs, you don’t want to miss the rush that is, Acceleration of Suguri X Edition!


  • Three gun slinging Arcade Modes
  • Three pulse pounding Versus Modes
  • 11 rendered environments to battle it out
  • Seven engaging, anime-style characters to choose from
  • Local and Online Leaderboards to measure your success
  • 14 PSN Trophies for the taking
  • 1-2 players