Barrier Warrior

Barrier Warrior: Kyoko works in cautious strategies, for example, setting up hindrances around her to reflect vitality based assaults back at her adversaries. The Barrier Warrior is a character having both Magic and Powers important to make Deflector Shields or Beehive Barriers to secure themselves and some of the time others. The Barrier Warrior battles foes with an accentuation not on decimation, but rather on ensuring, and their identities mirror this by being thoughtful and minding, with Actual Pacifist inclinations and once in a while Healing Hands to run with their guarded capacities. It ought to shock no one that characters with this capacity as their principle or just power seem to be, you gotten it, legends. Ordinarily, they’re The Chick, a Squishy Wizard or The Smart Guy. In computer games they have practical experience in ensuring and helping fellow team members, or “buffing”, instead of harming adversaries.


The issue is that their transferable Nigh-Invulnerability and simplicity in opposing assaults that Could Have Been Messy makes them the ideal focus for the work effect. When another terrible person makes a mockery of, their shields will represent all the resistance of wet tissue paper to their weakest Energy Blasts. With only one scene, whatever remains of The Team realizes that this person is a genuine risk.

Barrier 2

Less generally, it can happen that Heart Is an Awesome Power and the Barrier Warrior will be a furious contender on an equivalent balance with other all the more forcefully controlled cast individuals. This is done either by shrewdly utilizing his shield to trap or defeat adversaries, help partners, or by utilizing it as a part of conjunction with other battling aptitudes and capacities to whip foes. A boundary could likewise be sent forward to assault adversaries—in the event that it can stop slugs, it will hurt on the off chance that it keeps running into your face. The all the more fatal type of this would be to pulverize somebody with the impervious shield and on the off chance that you can control the state of the hindrance; you could speculatively give it sharp edges also.


As a force, creating Deflector Shields is much similar to Flight. In principle it’s a magnificent force that anybody might want to have, yet most supers as of now have some level of Super Toughness or are Made of Iron, so it gets to be pointless. Most shows give each character this capacity as an auxiliary force/skill set from a character’s fundamental capacities, (for example, a geokinetic blocking assaults with rocks, or a cry kinetic making ice dividers). It’s made much more futile since it’s anything but difficult to redirect Ki Attacks with other Ki Attacks, and procedures like Deadly Dodging are around to maintain a strategic distance from generally assaults.

On the other side, authors who see this have utilized Repower to make these characters extraordinarily flexible and deadly too, since it capacities like an Imagination-Based Superpower, which regularly includes Spontaneous Weapon Creation.


Much of the time their hindrances show contingent upon their ethical quality (and may even change appearance in the event that they change sides). It’s either as excellent Petal Power or delicately gleaming circles, or dark hindrances that crackle forebodingly.


Not to be mistaken for Barrier Maiden, however the two can cover if the Maiden’s technique for regulation is by means of force field. Think about Stone Wall or Magic Knight. The Mundane Utility these characters can do is making Improvised Platforms.

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