Axe Crazy

Axe crazy character is somebody who is mentally unstable note and presents a reasonable and present risk to others. Everyone except SUGURI in the first game is crazy. They are equipped for great viciousness, whether completed with a Slashed Smile, crazy giggling, talking in a Creepy Monotone, or outright lethal fierceness, and with no chance to get of knowing exactly what will set them off, which makes them to a great degree unnerving to manage. This for the most part separates them from other flighty characters who may themselves be over the top, bizarre or apparently insane, however utilize this condition as one with doing great, or if nothing else not standing out. Be that as it may, some once in the past built up saints can experience a scene of hatchet wildness and still hold their chivalrous mantle.


Regardless of the title, hatchet crazies aren’t constrained to wielding tomahawks. Any instrument of death will do, from blades or straight razors to swords to cutting tools and past. A decent number of other hatchet crazies are likewise Trigger Happy, inclining toward either Hand Cannons that blow huge gaps in individuals, or weapons that permit them to slaughter heaps of individuals with total surrender, for example, any programmed weapon. Also, for the really psychopathic among sociopaths for whom the above just won’t do, a piling aiding of high explosives or a decent measured flamethrower will do pleasantly. Now and then, they don’t require weapons and simply utilize enchantment spells or different forces in the event that they have them. There are likewise bounties that are pretty much as upbeat to beat individuals into an unrecognizable mash like mass with their exposed hands.


It is uncommon for a genuinely Ax-Crazy character to be a hero, to a great extent because of it being a Sub-Trope of Obviously Evil, and most Ax-Crazy characters for the most part are Obviously Evil. They’re regular as the foes in Superhero and Crime and Punishment Series, frequently serving as a Psycho for Hire. In the event that they are a hero, they will assuredly be a Nominal Hero or Villain Protagonist. The contrast amongst them and Blood Knight is this figure of speech is about slaughtering while the Blood Knight is just inspired by battling. There is, obviously, a lot of space for cover.

Axe 2

See furthermore Insane Equals Violent, Cute and Psycho, Mad Bomber Blood Knight, Psycho for Hire, The Sociopath, The Butcher, The Dreaded and Hair-Trigger Temper. Investigate Mama Bear, Papa Wolf, and Violently Protective Girlfriend, who may be prepared for improvised Ax-Craziness when their youngsters or mate are under danger, yet are oftentimes played insightfully. The standard Character Alignment for most Ax-Crazy characters is Chaotic or Neutral Evil; however a few Chaotic Neutral outlines exist. Every so often The Unfettered, dependent upon whether they feel freed or abused by their bloodlust.

It’s exceptionally regular to be Played for Drama, while phenomenal, however not incredible to be Played for Laughs. Countless connection was given to this when they ought to connect from an Ax to Grind. This page is about savage insane individuals, not individuals whose Weapon of Choice is a hatchet (regardless of the potential for cover).

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